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  • StartDialing.com - Offering international prepaid phone calling cards at low prices
  • International Prepaid Phone Cards - Also You can buy Permanent PIN and then refill you phone card. There are many other features as PIN-free access and balance transfer opportunity
  • Via-Fon.com - Provides international calling, home telephony, phone cards and call back services. Services information and company news
  • Yellow Telecoms Limited - Provides cheap business telephone service using carrier preselection. Benefits, tariff, FAQ and downloads
  • Quip.co.uk - Offers discounts on long-distance phone calls, with online signup and account access. Prepay and postpay options
  • Eazytel.com - Provides low cost telephony services to both residential and business customers, also offers public call offices and phonecards. Product details and pricing, plus account example presentationss
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Prepaid phone cards are quite popular to use today. You can get cards for long distance and international calling. These can save you on money because if you don't have the money with you at the time to make the call, the card will cover it if you have it prepaid for a certain amount. These cards can be used from mobile, landlines, or pay phones. They are very useful and when you have an emergency and you are out of town, this is a way to get a hold of the other person without calling them collect. Many people enjoy this convenience and get usually up to a hundred minutes at a time on each card. These are always good to give as gifts to people as well.