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  • MyTego.com - Offers custom skin for mobile devices such as cellular phone, PDA, iPod, and PSP
  • Midtown Cellular - Cellular accessory for a variety of phones. Carries leather case, car charger, holster, travel charger and hands-free. Also available are customer reviews and manuals
  • SmoothTalker.com - Manufacturer of 3 watt boosters and cellular phone amplifiers. Products include antennas, antenna cables, coaxial connectors, cellular phone hands free in car kits and headsets
  • GSM Server.com - Offers software/hardware for working with GSM phones, spare parts and zipped GSM programs, service manuals, cables schematic and secret codes
  • Turn On You Mobile - Sells mobile phones, accessories and spare parts. Accessories include hands free, LCDs, covers, chargers and batteries
  • Going Wireless - Offers a selection of cellular phone accessories, original and after market. Also offers items such as MP3 players, FRS radios and digital memory cards
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Prepaid phone cards are quite popular to use today. You can get cards for long distance and international calling. These can save you on money because if you don't have the money with you at the time to make the call, the card will cover it if you have it prepaid for a certain amount. These cards can be used from mobile, landlines, or pay phones. They are very useful and when you have an emergency and you are out of town, this is a way to get a hold of the other person without calling them collect. Many people enjoy this convenience and get usually up to a hundred minutes at a time on each card. These are always good to give as gifts to people as well.